Welcome to Spiritual Health Association

Founded in 1974, Spiritual Health Association (SHA) has been a pioneering force in integrating spiritual care within Australia’s health sector.
Our journey began with a simple yet profound mission: to recognise and foster the spiritual dimensions of health and well-being.

Advocacy and Promotion

We work tirelessly to raise awareness about the importance of spiritual care in health. We engage with policymakers, healthcare providers, and the wider community to embed spiritual care in health service delivery.


SHA collaborates with health services, faith communities, educational institutions, and other stakeholders to enhance the quality and accessibility of spiritual care. We believe in the power of partnership to bring about meaningful change.

Education and Training

We offer a range of resources, training programs, and guidance to healthcare professionals and spiritual care practitioners, enhancing their skills and understanding of delivering effective spiritual care.

Research and Development

SHA is committed to fostering research in spiritual care. We support studies that seek to understand the impact of spiritual care and develop innovative approaches to integrate it into healthcare.

Become a member

Join Spiritual Health Association, Australia’s peak body for safe and high-quality spiritual care in healthcare. We extend a warm invitation to all Hospitals and Health Services as well as Faith Communities to be part of a transformative movement in healthcare!

For Hospitals & Healthcare Services

Elevate patient care to new heights by joining us. Discover how your hospital or health service can provide quality and best-practice spiritual support to patients.

For Faith Communities

Enhance faith-based spiritual care in healthcare with exclusive resources, training, and opportunities to connect faith communities with health services.


Spiritual Health Association’s guidance has been instrumental in elevating the quality and safety of our spiritual care. By providing comprehensive standards, valuable resources, and steadfast support, SHA has empowered us to deliver person-centred care that meets national benchmarks. Investing in SHA isn’t just a collaboration; it’s a commitment to excellence, integrity, and compassionate healthcare. I firmly believe that partnering with SHA is an essential step towards the advancement of spiritual care in our health system.

David Plunkett, Chief Executive, Eastern Health

SHA’s partnership has been valuable in raising awareness of and enhancing palliative care. Their national reputation, passion and expertise in advancing compassionate, person-centred care resonates with our values and the model of palliative care in Australia. Their willingness and professionalism in collaborating on impactful projects and educational resources, proves that an investment and partnership with SHA is key to the future of holistic healthcare.

Camilla Rowland, CEO, Palliative Care Australia

I have appreciated being part of SHA’s research agenda, collaborating in research activities that have clarified the nature and importance of spiritual care in health care across the sector, including internationally. SHA’s dedication to collaboration fosters innovation and excellence. I would highly recommend SHA to future partners and assure them that this would be a vital investment for the future of healthcare.

Fiona Gardner, Discipline Lead, La Trobe Rural Health School

Bendigo Health is grateful for the contribution Spiritual Health Association has made to the Organisation to ensure the quality and safety of spiritual care.

Peter Faulkner, CEO, Bendigo Health

When I sat down to read The Little Book of Spiritual Health I reflected on so much about what’s important to me, my values and my family. It also got me thinking about how important my spiritual health is as part of my overall wellbeing. I encourage healthcare workers to take the time to stop and reflect on some of the beautiful questions this little book so eloquently invites us to reflect on.

Donna Markham, Former Victorian Chief Allied Health Officer and passionate wellbeing advocate

SHA’s commitment to developing rigorous standards, frameworks, and evidence-based resources is a vital step in recognizing spiritual care as an emerging health profession. Their dedicated efforts ensure quality and consistency, making them an essential partner in the advancement of compassionate healthcare. Investing in SHA is investing in excellence.

Chief Allied Health Officer