At Spiritual Health Association (SHA), we are committed to advancing the understanding and significance of spiritual care as an essential domain of healthcare.

Our ongoing advocacy efforts are anchored by active participation in various panels, councils, and committees, both locally and internationally, amplifying the importance of spiritual care in diverse healthcare settings.

Additionally, we actively engage in policy, research, and budget submissions to ensure that spiritual care receives the recognition and resources it deserves in the healthcare landscape.

SHA has provided representation at:

  • Allied Health Professionals Australia member collaboratives/forums
  • Centre for Mental Health Learning
  • Joint Research Council (International)
  • Palliative Care Australia National Expert Advisory Panel
  • Palliative Care Queensland – Peaks Collaboration
  • Peer Specialists Research Steering Committee – Spirituality (International)
  • Spiritual Care Australia Certification Reference Group
  • Victorian Mental Health Policy Network
  • Victorian Transcultural Mental Health reference group

Nov 2023 – Feb 2024 Funding & Advocacy Campaign

The loss of SHA’s government funding jeopardises not only the delivery of faith-specific care in Victoria, but also SHA’s pivotal role in advancing spiritual care nationwide. In response, SHA mobilized an extensive campaign, engaging local and federal MPs, and rallying the support of health services, education providers, media outlets, spiritual care practitioners and the public, through writing and social media campaigns.

May 2023 Budget Submission

SHA advocated for investment in spiritual care in the health sector in the 2023/24 Federal Budget to expand the availability and accessibility of spiritual care as an integral part of safe, high-quality holistic healthcare.