Resources that support the integration of spirituality into mental health care

The inclusion of spirituality and spiritual care in all treatment equates to genuine holistic person-centred care.

We offer a range of resources to support spiritual health and mental health, including the Heart and Soul Booklet, The Little Book of Spiritual Health, The Small Gift, the Honouring postcards and the Person-Centred postcards. Head to our Shop to find out more.

We also recommend the following list of resources, based on extensive research:


Holistic models of mental health care that incorporate evidence-based research include the MISTIC framework developed by a research team headed by Katja Milner at Nottingham University in the U.K. 

Additionally, Katja Milner presents the framework in this one-hour recording:

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Read the original publication: 

The experiences of spirituality among adults with mental health difficulties: a qualitative systematic review.


Group work models that actively invite reflection upon spirituality have been developed by David Rosmarin, Director of the Spirituality and Mental Health program at McClean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard University in the USA in 2019. SPIRIT is an integrated CBT program, a flexible clinical protocol for delivering spiritually integrated group work that is accessible to all clinicians. Learn more in his articles below:

Further information about this program can be found at the following links:


Tools for group or individual work include Signposts: Exploring Everyday Spirituality cards, created by St. Luke’s Innovative Resources to provide simple prompts that support people to reflect on and talk about the universal search for meaning and significance. They are a conversational tool that help mental health clinicians in their work with people who may wonder about a spiritual dimension to their underlying struggles and issues.


The Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy illustrates the breath and range of ways people engage in spiritual practices that support a deepening of your relationships to the sacred and the world around you.