Spiritual Health Lived Experience Advisory Committee (SHLEAC)

Established in June 2021, the Spiritual Health Lived Experience Advisory Committee (SHLEAC) brings together individuals who have lived experiences of mental ill health and are dedicated to advancing the recognition of spiritual health in mental health care and broader healthcare contexts.

SHLEAC’s primary focus is to raise awareness, articulate policy recommendations, and drive change through consumer leadership, education, consultation, and collaboration.

Together, the committee explores the profound role spirituality plays in human expression and advocates for its recognition as a multidisciplinary support in mental health settings, holistic well-being, and person-centred recovery outcomes. Through monthly committee meetings, this committee provides SHA with invaluable insights and lived wisdom, serving as a driving force for systematic improvement. 

In the backdrop of the Royal Commission into Victorian Mental Health Services and the National Mental Health reform agenda, SHLEAC’s vision aligns perfectly with the growing demand for compassionate, holistic, person-centred care inclusive of spirituality and spiritual care. 

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Our four committee representatives have become inspirational ambassadors for SHA, fostering spiritual literacy that empowers them to advocate for the spiritual domain in various community initiatives, government working groups, consultations, and more.


Founding member

Read about Evan here.


Founding member

Read about Maria here.


Member since February 2023

Read more about Tess here.


Member since April 2023.

Read more about Betty here.

In 2023, SHLEAC farewelled two of its founding members; Hannah Friebel and Kevin Treloar, whose outstanding contributions helped to lay the very strong foundations that will inform our work moving forward. 


In 2022 SHLEAC established the Spiritual Health Lived Experience Network (SHLEN), a broader community of people who identify as having lived or living experience as a consumer or carer to collaborate with SHLEAC and SHA in our advocacy work.

Click here to find out more / join the Spiritual Health Lived Experience Network.

For more information about SHLEAC contact SHA’s Mental Health Leader, Jenny Greenham at mentalhealth@spiritualhealth.org.au.