Current Projects

Spiritual Health Association advocates and promotes compassionate, person-centred spiritual care in health services. We initiate and participate in a number of quality improvement projects and in research in the healthcare sector, enabling best practice and contributing to overall health and well-being. We collaborate with practitioners, health services, government departments, universities and other agencies to achieve quality, innovative and compassionate spiritual care.

Our projects enable health practitioners to deliver person-centred services. We value working with the sector to achieve these goals. Spiritual Health Association shares knowledge and evidence of best practice nationally and internationally to enhance the provision of spiritual care on a global level.  

Capabilities Framework Evaluation

The evaluation and review of the “Capability Framework for Spiritual Care Practitioners in Health Services 2016” is underway.  A working group has been appointed and will meet in October 2019 to confirm the process for this work. Managers and practitioners from the sector will be approached to give their experiences of using this document and their suggestions of how it may be made more useful. Watch this space.

Certification of Spiritual Care Practitioners in Health

The Spiritual Health Association (Spiritual Health) and Spiritual Care Australia (SCA) undertook a joint project in 2019 to identify the process and requirements for certification of spiritual care practitioners working in health. Spiritual Health and SCA plan to implement a pilot to test the recommendations from the project in 2020.

Faith Communities Research

The aims of this study are to explore the role of faith communities in providing spiritual care to patients in Victorian public hospitals who have a religious affiliation, and to determine patient preferences for spiritual care. Participants will be current patients of five Hospital networks in Melbourne. A short survey and semi-structured interviews with a subset of participants will inform our understanding of the role of faith communities in delivering spiritual care in hospital settings.

Resources and tools for implementation of the Guidelines for Quality Spiritual Care in Health

Resources and tools are currently in development to support the implementation of the Guidelines for Quality Spiritual Care in Health. These include an audit tool for health services to conduct a gap analysis and templates for position descriptions.