JOIN OUR CAUSE! A Crucial Time for Spiritual Care in Healthcare

With the loss of our government funding, from $1.35 million to $0, we face the stark possibility of ceasing our operations as an organisation after 30th June 2024. Of the total amount, $664,000 has previously gone to faith communities (nearly 70 years of support) with the remaining $689,000 for SHA’s operational funding (50 years of support) – and we stand to lose the entire amount. The implications go beyond SHA alone.

This funding loss not only threatens the delivery of faith-specific care but also jeopardises the high standard of holistic healthcare that Victoria is renowned for. The loss of SHA’s funding will result in:

• Reduced access to an essential domain of healthcare

• Potential risk of unsafe spiritual care delivery to patients and families

• Potential loss of specialised faith-specific care, undermining healthcare equity

• Discontinuation of SHA’s comprehensive support, quality assurance, and internationally recognised sectoral research.

Share our message and join us in advocating for a reinstatement of SHA’s funding. 

Together, we can create a compassionate healthcare system that meets the diverse spiritual needs of all.

Why SHA’s Funding Crisis Affects Spiritual Care In Australia

In this must-read article, delve into the profound implications of SHA’s discontinued funding and what it signifies for the entire sector! Gain a deeper understanding of SHA’s extraordinary 50-year legacy in redefining spiritual care, and why we urgently need our funding to be reinstated.

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Write To Your Local MP

Your support is crucial in maintaining SHA’s vital services and upholding a healthcare system that values every aspect of patient care, including spiritual wellbeing. We invite you to send a letter to your local MP and share your experiences and thoughts about the far-reaching implications of the government’s decision to cease SHA’s funding.

Download the Template – Letter to MPs in support of SHA.

Contact List – Parliament of Victoria Members

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Share our message and join us in advocating for a reinstatement of SHA’s funding. 

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Urgent Intervention Required For The Continuation Of Funding For Spiritual Care In Victoria

Spiritual Health Association (SHA) stands at a pivotal moment as imminent funding cuts pose a threat to the quality and reach of spiritual care in Victorian health services. These cuts not only challenge the delivery of faith-specific spiritual care, cherished by our diverse community, but also risk diminishing the standard of holistic healthcare that Victoria is known for. In response to these challenges, SHA has sent an Open Letter to the Hon. Jacinta Allan, Premier of Victoria.

Open Letter to the Honourable Premier of Victoria

Priorities For Investment And Impact Statement – Loss Of Faith Community Funding In Victoria

In April 2023 the Minister for Health confirmed that all funding to Spiritual Health Association (total of $1.35 million), including faith community funding (total of $664,316), will cease as of June 30, 2024. The faith communities in Victoria have played a significant role in the delivery of chaplaincy services in public hospitals since the 1800s. The loss of faith community funding from June 30, 2024, will have a significant impact on hospitals across Victoria. 

SHA, in collaboration with leaders from 11 Faith Community groups, has detailed the profound impacts this decision will have on faith communities and has submitted requests for continued investment. To gain a comprehensive understanding of this critical situation, we invite you to read the full statement. 

Read the Priorities for Investment and Impact Statement