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Spiritual Health Association (SHA) has been a leading advocate for compassionate, person-centred spiritual care in Australian healthcare since 1974.

We are committed to promoting best-practice, evidence-based integration of spiritual care across all health facilities. This unwavering dedication stems from our belief in its fundamental role in achieving holistic health and well-being.

SHA invites eligible organisations to join our collaborative effort. Together, we can advocate for and deliver high-quality spiritual care within healthcare settings, shaping a transformative movement in Australian healthcare.

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Shape the Future of Spiritual Care
Gain a voice in national conversations and influence the development of best practices for person-centred spiritual care in Australian healthcare. Your input is critical to ensure its effective integration across all healthcare services.

Advance the Field

Contribute to SHA’s ongoing efforts in research, education, and support systems. By joining our network, you can be a part of shaping best practices that benefit not only Australia but also the global spiritual care community. Gain valuable insights through collaboration with a leading network.

Implement Best Practices
Access a comprehensive framework that empowers your organisation to deliver high-quality and evidence-based spiritual care services. This framework provides the structure and resources needed for successful implementation.

Make a Positive impact

Play a pivotal role in improving patient experience by promoting safe, high-quality, inclusive, and consistent spiritual care within healthcare settings. Your membership directly contributes to this vital aspect of holistic healthcare.

Become a member of SHA, Australia’s national peak body for spiritual care and discover the significant benefits of being part of our network dedicated to improving spiritual healthcare delivery.

For Hospitals & Healthcare Services

Elevate Patient Care with Holistic Spiritual Support
Spiritual Health Association (SHA) equips hospitals and healthcare services to deliver exceptional spiritual care. Discover how your hospital or health service can provide quality and best practice spiritual support to patients.

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    Deliver High Level Support: Become a leader in providing exceptional spiritual care to patients.

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    Master Best Practices: Gain a comprehensive understanding of best practice spiritual care in healthcare settings.

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    Align with National Standards: Ensure your approach aligns with the national model and capability framework.

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    Personalised Action Plan: Develop a roadmap for improvement with expert guidance and collaboration.

For Faith Communities
(Coming Soon)

Empower Your Faith Community to Deepen Spiritual Care in Healthcare
We provide faith communities with the resources and training needed to become leaders in spiritual care within healthcare settings.

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    Elevate Spiritual Care: Equip your representatives to provide exceptional support for patients’ spiritual well-being.

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    Master the Landscape: Gain a comprehensive understanding of best practices for spiritual care in healthcare environments.

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    Build Your Program: Access a robust toolkit, including credentialing frameworks to develop and strengthen your spiritual care initiative.

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    Cultivate Expertise: Enhance your skills and knowledge through our learning modules.


Spiritual Health Association’s guidance has been instrumental in elevating the quality and safety of our spiritual care. By providing comprehensive standards, valuable resources, and steadfast support, SHA has empowered us to deliver person-centred care that meets national benchmarks. Investing in SHA isn’t just a collaboration; it’s a commitment to excellence, integrity, and compassionate healthcare. I firmly believe that partnering with SHA is an essential step towards the advancement of spiritual care in our health system.

David Plunkett, Chief Executive, Eastern Health

I have appreciated being part of SHA’s research agenda, collaborating in research activities that have clarified the nature and importance of spiritual care in health care across the sector, including internationally. SHA’s dedication to collaboration fosters innovation and excellence. I would highly recommend SHA to future partners and assure them that this would be a vital investment for the future of healthcare.

Fiona Gardner, Discipline Lead, La Trobe Rural Health School

Bendigo Health is grateful for the contribution Spiritual Health Association has made to the Organisation to ensure the quality and safety of spiritual care.

Peter Faulkner, CEO, Bendigo Health