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We provide faith communities with the resources and training needed to become leaders in spiritual care within healthcare settings.

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Community-appointed faith representatives are crucial to a hospital’s spiritual care service
The National Model for Spiritual Care in Health recognises Faith Representatives as essential members of the workforce.
To ensure the best possible care, these representatives should undergo specialised training and accreditation before offering spiritual support in healthcare settings.

Why join Spiritual Health Association?

Person-centred care
Person-centred care

Person-centred care is at the core of everything we do 

By understanding best practice spiritual care and delivering it effectively, we can provide truly holistic care that benefits a patient’s recovery and wellbeing.

Patient Safety
Patient Safety

Investing in training strengthens patient safety

Insufficient training can lead to unsafe practices, potentially causing distress to already vulnerable patients. This is a significant risk that we can mitigate.


Investing now secures future funding opportunities

By showcasing how our representatives are trained in line with best practices, we can advocate for the reinstatement of funding in the future.

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Best Practice Tools and Resources

Best Practice Tools and Resources

Step 5

Services Consultation and Staff Development

Services Consultation and Staff Development

Membership Benefits for
Faith Communities

Best-Practice Guidelines

These evidence-based guidelines offer a structured roadmap for providing spiritual care in health settings and include areas such as working with the allied health team and maintaining patient records.

Get full access to our entire suite:

  • National Model for Spiritual Care in Health
  • Capability Framework for Spiritual Care Practitioners in Health
  • Guidelines for Quality Spiritual Care in Health
  • Spiritual Care in Medical Records: A Guide to Reporting & Documenting Spiritual Care in Health Services
  • Telehealth Guidelines for Spiritual Care
  • Spiritual Care Providers (Community Appointed) Credentialling Framework

Receive 2 complimentary consults per year with our expert team.

These consults provide personalised guidance and support, helping you navigate challenges, implement best practices, and learn how faith representatives should work in conjunction with allied health teams. Our team will assist in aligning your service with the National Model for Spiritual Care in Health, ensuring a consistent, safe, and high-quality approach to spiritual care.

Professional Development Modules

Exclusive discounts on professional development that trains and orientates representatives into the health system for faith-specific spiritual care.

Enhance your skills and knowledge with these modules, offered in partnership with Spiritual Care Association in the United States.

These modules are designed to support the continuous growth of those delivering spiritual care, offering insights and practical tools. Whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of best practices, improve the quality of care provided to your community, or develop new competencies, our modules provide comprehensive learning opportunities focused on spiritual care. Modules are 20-35 hours, and include:

  • Major Religious Traditions and Spiritual Care
  • What We Hear and Say: Spiritual Care Documentation
  • Cultural Competence, Inclusion, and Vulnerable Populations
  • Living with Heartbreak: Grief, Loss, and Bereavement
  • Building and Maintaining a Spiritual Care Department
  • …and many more!

Earn certificates of completion! Members also receive the Powerful Communication Techniques module for free.

Single module (per individual registration) – $230 for Members, $420 for Non-Members.


Showcase your commitment to excellent spiritual care by getting your practitioners credentialed using SHA tools. 

Credentialing demonstrates your commitment to best practice spiritual care that is aligned with hospital practice and meets the highest standards.

This is achievable by meeting these requirements:

  • Reporting and governance to appropriate line management at executive level
  • Inclusion in quality assurance reporting and multidisciplinary teams in the health service
  • Spiritual care team accredited in line with projected allied health award requirements.
Peer Support Network

Connect with a vibrant peer support network, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among spiritual care professionals, ensuring continuous growth and support.

Spiritual Care Management Network (SCMN)

Join our long-standing management network for free!

Held bimonthly, SCMN brings together directors, managers, and coordinators of spiritual care in health services, and is facilitated by the experienced staff at Spiritual Health Association. This forum addresses current and pressing issues, enabling important discussions among management from different states and various health service settings. Topics are tailored to the needs of participants based on survey responses, ensuring relevance and impact. By sharing our experiences, innovation, and advocacy journeys with each other, SCMN fosters knowledge, encouragement, and ongoing support for current and emerging leaders.

Members will also have unlimited access to SCMN recordings, allowing you to catch up on missed sessions or revisit them at any time.

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