‘Live the life you please’ social impact campaign

Spiritual Health Association alongside Palliative Care Australia and Dementia Australia are proud sponsors of ‘Live the life you please’, a film-led national social impact campaign that aims to improve awareness about palliative care.

Spiritual care is about tending to the things that give people meaning, purpose and connection and ensuring these needs are met, right to the very end of life.

SHA are working alongside Moonshine Agency to promote the importance of spiritual care as an integral part of the holistic palliative care process. 

A feature-length documentary by Moonshine Agency premiered at Gold Sponsor Palliative Care Australia’s event on 22 May 2023 at Parliament House, Canberra. This event was followed by country-wide screenings including SHA’s sell-out event with Palliative Care Victoria at Melbourne’s Kino Cinema on 23 May 2023. 

The feature film is accompanied by short films available on the campaign website, including one titled Spiritual Care at the End of Life, as well as ongoing social media promotion and media interviews. An eductational package is now available, as detailed below.

Rent the film

‘Live the life you please’ is now available to rent!

Click here to rent the feature length documentary.

Click here to rent the 30-minute version.

Educational Package

The Educational Package is tailored to the needs of educators in medical education, hospitals, hospice, palliative care, end-of-life care, spiritual care, doulas, grief counsellors and more. The package includes over 245 minutes of high-quality, educational video content. 

Video – Spiritual Care At The End Of Life

This video is part of the ‘Live the life you please’ campaign and shares the story of Alex Robins and Leila McCann, who have been companioned by spiritual care practitioner Russell Armstrong as part of Alex’s palliative care.

It offers an insight into the qualities of the spiritual care relationship and shows how holding another’s story during this time of life is a unique and integral part of whole-of-person care.

Special thanks to Alex and Leila for sharing their story.

In memory of Alex Robins.

Ongoing Nationwide Influence

According to Moonshine Agency, ‘Live the life you please’ was reported in the media across television, radio, online, digital and social media 120 times, generating over 17 million impressions during the week of the film’s release! The film was theatrically released with over 140 screenings at 55 locations across Australia during National Palliative Care week 2023. It continues to reach audiences through cinema and also through organisational and institutional screenings and hopefully on television, in educational facilities, public libraries, streaming and inflight entertainment.