Cause for optimism amid the pandemic

At the Spiritual Care Managers’ Network meeting on 22 September, members observed that Covid-19 cases are decreasing in Victoria, and especially Melbourne, improving the situation in health services.

Now in our sixth month of living through the pandemic, the prevalent feeling is one of weariness. Spiritual care staff, together with other health professionals, are often involved in supporting Covid-19 patients and their families, as well as patients at the end of life. Providing care has been important and challenging with the need to continually adapt to an ever-changing environment. 

Supporting health service staff and taking time to care for oneself are important considerations for practitioners during this time. Many milestones, celebratory days and holidays have not been marked in the same way in 2020. Yet there is hope.

The declining number of cases in Melbourne reassured those working in health services and the community. Our colleagues from South Australia and Queensland report that life is nearly back to normal. In some interstate cases, volunteers have returned under a very strict and limited framework. 

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