Help create spaces for stillness, silence and the time to pause

As the world contends with the immense pressures of the coronavirus pandemic, it is critical that we support our health care workers who make tremendous contributions under incredibly trying conditions.

For Spiritual Care Week 2020, in keeping with spiritual care’s rich history of engaging with the continuum of health care workers, we are encouraging Spiritual Care teams in the health services to support their colleagues.

If you are a Spiritual Care Practitioner:

Spiritual Health Association has created a few tools to support you.

Please find below a video for you to use at your virtual spaces where your colleagues can drop in to pause, breathe and create some quietness.

We’ve also provided a few promotional items for you to encourage your colleagues to take the time to care for themselves, so they can continue to care for others, namely:

Spiritual Care Week (October 25–31)

Spiritual Care Week gives opportunities for us to recognise the spiritual caregivers in our midst and the counsel they provide. Themed Collaborative Health Care: Spiritual Care Completes the Picture, this year’s Spiritual Care Week runs from October 25-31.

It encourages viewing spiritual carers through a lens where they collaborate to provide holistic interdisciplinary care, that otherwise would not be complete if these practitioners were not included.

This year’s theme emphasises collaboration with a focus on providing spiritual care in ways that affirm and value practitioners’ contributions and  foster an appreciation for what is considered important for holistic care.

When spiritual care practitioners serve as part of an interdisciplinary team, they are visible and regarded as an integral part of patient care. It is during these experiences, practices, and interactions, that the spiritual care practitioner becomes a focal point for best practice and optimal care.

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