Published! The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counselling special issue

We are thrilled that our research paper is one of the feature articles in this special issue of The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counselling which focuses on the impact of COVID19 on the provision of spiritual care in the healthcare systems.

“Essential Not Optional”: Spiritual Care in Australia during a Pandemic was co-authored by SHA CEO Cheryl Holmes, former SHA Research Leader Heather Tan, SHA Board Member Eleanor Flynn and Associate Professor and biostatistician at La Trobe University Leila Karimi.

This is one of ten papers developed from the data collected in an international online survey. Australians featured significantly among the 1654 respondents to the survey which was part of an international research collaboration project with six researchers from the US and Europe.

Other papers in this special issue cover a range of topics, including:  

  • The impact on Chaplains and their Self Care  
  • New models of chaplaincy arising: an Australian case study 
  • Impact on future training and education, and 
  • Impact on spiritual care in mental health facilities.

For more information about our international research collaboration, please contact Cheryl Holmes at