April eNews – Here we are again for the first time…

Here we are again for the first time… 

In my first CEO’s notice in our January e-News I spoke on the clean slate and new beginning that the new year brings. 

And yet more than ever I am aware of that new beginning now, as I write from the new CEO’s desk. April has appeared to fly by in the midst of celebration, legacy, farewell, and new beginnings. SHA looks a little different at present as we position ourselves for an agile, adaptable future in times of uncertain funding and budget cuts, while finalising our new Membership model, and working on developing partnerships to secure our future going forward. 

I have been reminded these past few weeks of the importance of making the most of each moment and never taking things, or people for granted. This is something I often reflect on with my nearly 2-year-old daughter as she learns to navigate this world in her own inimitable and highly amusing way, but also with the passing of a member of our Spiritual Care community far too soon.  

Often in the busyness of life and all we must attend to we can miss little moments of significance, of sacredness and connection. At times like this, I am reminded of the fleetingness of life, and the importance of those little moments, because they can be gone all too soon. Maybe it’s just a 50-year-old’s musings, but from this vantage point in my life which has too often been spent looking forward in haste, there is something remarkably special about being able to pause the moment and enjoy the moment through the eyes, wisdom and inquisitiveness of a tiny ginger-haired toddler.  

Let me encourage you to take a moment of pause, of presence, and reflect on those connections you have that are so vital to who we are, and where and to whom we belong…

Craig Exon, Interim CEO

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