April eNews – Walking together a better future

Walking together towards a better future….

In this past month there have been some significant religious and cultural events. It is only about every 30 years that Easter, Passover and Ramadan occur around the same time. Friends, families and communities gathered around shared rituals, food and celebrations remembering significant events that hold deep meaning for each of the Abrahamic faiths.

This week another significant event occurred as friends, families and communities gathered for ANZAC Day. Once again, shared rituals marked the occasion as all who have served in wars were remembered and honoured.
Across these events there are some shared themes: sacrifice, thanksgiving, and new life – pointing towards hope for a better future.

As a community we need these sacred moments that bring us together and invite us to personal and communal reflection. What do we believe about the human condition? What is the meaning of our shared lives together? What is the future that we want to create together for those who come after us?

It is reflection on these deeper matters that can lead to action. One simple action taken by the board and staff of SHA is to publicly support the Uluru Statement from the Heart on our website, with a statement that includes the following words: Together, the Board and staff at Spiritual Health Association accept the invitation contained in the Uluru Statement to walk together towards a better future. Driven by our values, we are deeply committed to all paths that lead to reconciliation, healing and connection at all levels of society.

Another opportunity for reflection on our shared future comes via The Australian Government, through Treasury, with the second phase of their consultation on the development of their Measuring What Matters statement. Please consider taking a moment to respond

It is my hope that we can all walk together towards a better future for all, enriched by the diversity of beliefs and worldviews that shape our ways of being in the world

Cheryl Holmes, CEO

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