Introducing one of eleven pilot sites for our National Model: BASS COAST HEALTH

Bass Coast Health is also a dedicated member of Spiritual Health Association, actively contributing to the advocacy for and development of quality spiritual care in healthcare settings. Together, we’re committed to enhancing holistic healthcare for all.

Wendy Elson, Spiritual Care Coordinator at Bass Coast Health, shares:

“Bass Coast Health’s Spiritual Care Program is recommencing after an extensive review. We are delighted to be able to join with Spiritual Health Association in the pilot model as we seek to rebuild our program and offer the highest possible quality of care. As we support our patients, their families and our staff, we are laying a new foundation on which to build, implement and sustain a fully integrated program.

The program at Bass Coast Health has been highly valued by the community with the assistance of volunteer visitors. With the help of the review conducted in 2022 and the pilot model from SHA, we want to rebuild it on a firm foundation and offer it in a high quality format. We wish to re-establish how our volunteers and other community visitors fit into a best practice model and to offer them better training and resourcing to make it a respected, viable and accessible program across our health care setting.

Bass Coast Health is committed to its values of WE CARE, wellbeing, equity, compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence. In order to maintain these values, we are dedicated to offering best quality spiritual care to our community. Our partnership with Spiritual Health Association resources us, provides guidance and assistance in maintaining the provision of the highest level of care.”

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