Mercy Hospital for Women – A National Model pilot site

As the Pilot process of the National Model for Spiritual Care in Health continues, we are pleased to introduce another pilot site: MERCY HOSPITAL FOR WOMEN (MHW)!

The Mercy have engaged strongly with the pilot process, and are developing a work plan to implement aspects of The National Model and align current spiritual care practices to it. The Mercy spiritual and pastoral care team has an extremely high level of positive regard among the Mercy staff, and seek to meet the needs of patients and staff in line with current best practice spiritual care.

Mary Klasen, Pastoral Care Manager who is leading the project team at Mercy Hospital for Women, says: “[This] project enables the REVIEW of current MHW pastoral care compared to The National Model of Spiritual Care in Health. As a team we aim to engage creatively and effectively with our diverse patient population – to recognise, affirm and encourage their spiritual well being. The project will help us to improve our practice and remain dynamic in 2023!”


Title – wahbung-ngetel (Gunnai Language) Call of Country

Artist – Dixon Patten Bayila Creative Gunnai & Yorta Yorta

At Mercy Hospital for Women Entrance

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