Spirituality Lab: a mental health research initiative

Spirituality (religious and non-religious) is important for many people living with complex mental health challenges, otherwise known as consumers or service users. Spirituality provides meaning, purpose and hope, and practical utility for their mental health, wellbeing, and recovery. However, spirituality is generally not supported and integrated in mental health care. This is known as the spirituality or religiosity ‘gap’ between the value placed on spirituality by consumers/service users compared with mental health clinicians.

The purpose of the Spirituality Lab is to further understand the relationship between spirituality and mental health in research and translate findings into practice in mental health care in clinical, community and faith community settings.

Working across universities, hospitals, community mental health services, theological institutes, faith communities and lived experience, the Spirituality Lab team includes spiritual and mental health care practitioners, clinicians, academics, theologians, lived experience advisors and consultants.

For more information and updates, please contact Dr. Simon Jones, Spiritual Health Association collaborator at