The Royal Melbourne Hospital – A National Model pilot site

Amidst our ongoing advocacy, we remain engaged in the pilot phase of the National Model for Spiritual Care in Health. We are thrilled to introduce our next pilot site: THE ROYAL MELBOURNE HOSPITAL!

The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) is one of Spiritual Health Association’s valued members. Dedicated to promoting and advancing high-quality spiritual care in our health sector, we are united in our mission to improve holistic healthcare for everyone.

David Glenister, Spiritual & Pastoral Care Manager at RMH, shares his thoughts:

“I’m excited about the SHA National model as it provides a framework for what a functioning Spiritual care dept. in a Healthcare organisation can look like, but also leaving room for different cultures and makeup. This will provide a recognisable benchmark to strive for, as in past it has been vague and there was great discrepancy between depts. in different contexts.

Importantly, the model correlates with SCA’s credentialing framework for individual practitioners.”

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