Welcoming Dorothy Donaldson!

Welcome, Dorothy! Could you share a bit about your background and what led you to join Spiritual Health Association? 

My journey to joining Spiritual Health Association is deeply intertwined with my professional background and personal philosophy. As a value creation specialist, my career has been dedicated to forging meaningful connections and fostering synergies that not only drive financial success but also resonate on a profound level. My expertise lies in navigating the realms of marketing strategy, partnerships, and sponsorship, where I’ve honed my ability to spot rare opportunities and leverage them for the benefit of my clients. 

Over my 15 years of experience, I’ve cultivated a unique blend of business acumen and spiritual insight. I see my role not only as a strategist but also as an intuitive relationship builder, forging connections that transcend the conventional boundaries of commerce. It’s this holistic approach that drew me to Spiritual Health Association—a place where I can merge my entrepreneurial flair with a deeper sense of purpose. 

In my work, I’ve come to understand that true success isn’t just about the bottom line; it’s about enriching lives and fostering a sense of interconnectedness. Whether it’s through innovative partnerships or authentic stakeholder engagement, I strive to bring tangible value to all involved.

What do you love about working in business development and partnerships, and what has been your proudest moment? 

Working in business development and partnerships has provided rewarding opportunities to forge meaningful authentic (longstanding) connections, both professionally and personally. My relationships and fostering collaborations provide a great sense of fulfillment and enthusiasm, which I sincerely value. 

As for my proudest moment, it’s hard to pinpoint just one, but if I had to choose, I would say it was when I created and implemented the Telstra Mural Arts Program (T-MAP). T-MAP was a new strategic initiative for Telstra that had a positive impact on the community across multiple municipalities and with great success. Knowing that my role was instrumental in connecting a multitude of diverse stakeholders and created something impactful for the community to enjoy and be proud of, was truly gratifying. 

Do you find that your spirituality influences your approach to business development and building relationships? If so, how? 

For me, spirituality is about fostering a sense of understanding and connection with others. It guides me to approach interactions with authenticity and integrity. 

In business development, this means prioritising relationships over transactions and seeking to understand the needs and aspirations of potential partners on a deeper level. It encourages me to look beyond short-term gains and focus on creating value and fostering mutual growth and success. 

The quote “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” (allegedly) coined by Oscar Wilde, echoes my approach to building authentic relationships. In a world where there can be pressure to conform or fit into certain moulds, embracing our true selves is not only liberating but also essential for fostering genuine connections. 

My commitment to being genuine and embracing individuality is what inspires me. 

What are you most looking forward to in this new role as Business Development and Partnerships Leader with SHA? 

I am excited about joining Spiritual Health Association, eager to collaborate with a dedicated team and to work with like-minded individuals who share a deep appreciation for the intersection of spiritual health. Together, I believe we can make a profound impact by expanding our reach, forging strategic partnerships, and innovating pathways to a new chapter for SHA. 

I’m particularly enthusiastic about the prospect of developing initiatives that promote SHA’s portfolio of work within our communities across Australia. Whether it’s through educational programs, advocacy, outreach efforts, or partnership collaborations. 

Overall, I see this role as an incredible opportunity to not only advance the mission of SHA but also to personally grow and learn in an environment that aligns with my values and aspirations. I can’t wait to dive in and begin this meaningful journey together.

What inspires you? 

It’s the little moments of joy and connection that truly fuel my spirit. Cooking and entertaining family and friends hold a special place in my heart. There’s something magical about gathering around a table, sharing stories, laughter, and delicious food. It’s in those moments of togetherness that I find immense fulfillment and inspiration. 

Equally inspiring to me is the opportunity to meet individuals who radiate passion, kindness and resilience. Hearing their stories, learning from their experiences, and witnessing their unwavering determination is inspirational. 

In essence, it’s the tapestry of everyday moments, woven together with connection and gratitude, that serves as my source of inspiration. 

Favourite book/ film/ music?

One of my favourite books is The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo – a great fable of mystical encounters and profound lessons. The takeaway for me is to embrace our own legends, pursue the treasures that we hold within and to follow our dreams with courage and conviction. 

I’d like to think I have eclectic taste in music and appreciate diverse artistic expression – Jazz, world music, indi, chillout; nostalgic tunes from the ‘70s/80s and traditional Cypriot songs my Cypriot grandmother and I used to listen to (circa 1930s) when I’m preparing a Cypriot family feast! Each genre complements the mood; the weather, tasks, events dictate what’s playing – I get to choose from extensive playlists I have carefully curated on Spotify! 

As for movies and TV series… I enjoy most genres – sans horror movies! 

Anything else you might like to share?  

I am an amateur artist (25+ years), mainly working with acrylic and a DIY aficionado – transforming, restoring, or building ‘stuff’; I love my cordless drill and my tool kit!