Spiritual Health Association (SHA) is a leading organisation dedicated to expanding access to spiritual care within Australia’s healthcare system. We achieve this through a multifaceted approach that includes:

  • Advocacy and Leadership: SHA actively promotes the importance of spiritual care, working with health services and other organisations to ensure its integration into holistic patient care.
  • Research and Development: SHA is at the forefront of innovation in spiritual care. We recently developed Australia’s first co-designed contemporary model for spiritual care, ensuring it reflects the needs of patients, staff, and the healthcare system.
  • Support and Development: SHA offers valuable support and development opportunities for those involved in spiritual care. This includes membership for eligible organisations and ongoing research initiatives.

Groundbreaking National Model for Spiritual Care
In July 2023, a significant milestone was reached with the pilot launch of the National Model for Spiritual Care in Health. This collaborative effort involved 15 healthcare services across Australia, including a national health service.

Resources to Support Organisations