Organisations that foster a spiritual culture experience lower levels of employee burnout, higher commitment, and improved overall performance.

Spiritual Health Association is positioned as a thought leader in promoting spiritual health in the workplace, offering resources and support to enhance organisational and employee wellness.

Partnering with Spiritual Health Association (SHA) offers organisations focused on spiritual health care and wellness a unique opportunity to align your brand with leading holistic health practices while accessing a high-engagement audience.

Explore our diverse offerings to find the perfect fit for your needs, ensuring a holistic approach to spiritual health and wellness that fosters a supportive and thriving workplace environment.


At the heart of our values is the nurturing of strong, enduring connections that deepen our relationships and pave the way for shared success.

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SHA’s partnership has been valuable in raising awareness of and enhancing palliative care. Their national reputation, passion and expertise in advancing compassionate, person-centred care resonates with our values and the model of palliative care in Australia. Their willingness and professionalism in collaborating on impactful projects and educational resources, proves that an investment and partnership with SHA is key to the future of holistic healthcare.

Camilla Rowland, CEO, Palliative Care Australia

SHA’s commitment to developing rigorous standards, frameworks, and evidence-based resources is a vital step in recognizing spiritual care as an emerging health profession. Their dedicated efforts ensure quality and consistency, making them an essential partner in the advancement of compassionate healthcare. Investing in SHA is investing in excellence.

Chief Allied Health Officer