Spiritual Health Association provides leadership and support in the development of a research agenda for the sector through supervision, promotion and coordination of study projects.

Our combined efforts play a key role in the following processes:

  • Identifying and implementing best practice guidelines which are supported by evidence.
  • Identifying the most appropriate skills and education levels for the credentialling of practitioners who provide this best practice spiritual care.
  • Developing reliable data collecting systems that reflect the real work done by spiritual care practitioners and so facilitate the adequate provision of human resources.

Please review the Current Research Projects underway at Spiritual Health Association.

Spiritual Health Association collaborates with the following stakeholders in our quality health research initiatives:

  • Spiritual care coordinators
  • Other peak bodies 
  • Universities
  • International Joint Research Council of the Association of Professional Chaplains (USA)
  • Transforming Chaplaincy - USA
  • European Research Institute for Chaplains in Healthcare
  • European Association for Palliative Care - Spiritual Care Research Group

We also contribute to the education of spiritual care practitioners – highlighting the importance and processes of effective, quality health research. This includes encouraging collaboration between different sites within the sector to enable standard data recording processes, so that results can be compared and combined to produce more reliable outcomes.

Please take advantage of the large number of resources and journals on quality health research within the spiritual care sector, or get in touch with us for more information.

For more information contact Heather Tan.