Telehealth Guidelines for Spiritual Care


The objectives of telehealth are to “improve patient outcomes, drive greater efficiency in the way health care is delivered, support the delivery of quality health care across the state and make telehealth a viable alternative to the way some health care is traditionally delivered” (Department of Health 2020).

Telehealth Guidelines for Spiritual Care

The Telehealth Guidelines for Spiritual Care were developed in response to changing practices in health care that emerged in the context of COVID-19.

These changes offered increased opportunities to provide care through online platforms and provide advice for the delivery of spiritual care via telehealth. They give an overview for planning, privacy and security, eligibility, setting up for telehealth, and the telehealth encounter. The purpose of the telehealth service is to maintain spiritual care service provision in any context where face to face care is not possible and to extend the opportunities for spiritual care service provision. Telehealth may also be an option when spiritual care providers are unable to be present in the hospital setting. The Guidelines do not replace the telehealth policies and procedures of individual health services which always take precedence.

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