Jo’s Story

Transforming Grief into Healing: Jo’s Inspirational Journey

We often overlook the profound significance of rituals in our lives. Jo’s story is a testament to the transformative power of spiritual care and the healing it can bring. 

Jo, at the age of 62, had faced unimaginable hardships, including the loss of her two beloved daughters, Becky and Sunshine. Becky passed away after years of suffering with leukemia, whilst Sunshine only lived for 2 days.  

For years and years, the weight of grief seemed insurmountable, until Jo encountered spiritual care during a hospital stay on the death anniversary of Becky.

A Journey of Healing Through Ritual 

At the hospital, Jo met Chaplain Karla, whom she had a grief counselling session with. Seeing the need for Jo to go further than expressing her grief, Karla referred her to Jenny. 

Jo spent hours at Jenny’s place chewing her ear off and telling Jenny bits about her life. This eventually culminated in Jenny suggesting and helping Jo put together a beautiful memorial service for her daughters. 

The memorial service allowed Jo to put her daughters to rest, find solace, and tuck her grief into a special place. It marked a turning point in Jo’s life, reducing her need for hospital admissions and transforming her pain into honouring and celebration.

Celebrating Life Amidst Loss 

Today, Jo celebrates the birthdays and lives of her daughters with joy rather than sorrow. She lights a candle, plays some good music, and cherishes their memories. This transformation was only possible through the compassionate guidance of Jenny and the power of spiritual care.

Jo’s story reminds us of the profound impact spiritual care can have on individuals and their healing journeys. It is why SHA is committed to our vision of spiritually inclusive healthcare for all.

You can also watch Jo’s story here.

Special thanks to Jo for sharing her story with us. 

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