Betty Do

Meet Betty Do, Spiritual Health Lived Experience Advisory Committee Member

“My goal is to support people to the path of hope, light, life, and love in the way that is person-centred and brings empowerment” – Betty Do.

Currently working as a Peer Worker for mainstream community mental health services for young people and adults, Betty is expanding her scope of practice to serve others in a non-clinical way and is committed to lifelong learning to be the best person she can be in life. Betty became a loyal and passionate advocate for mental health following her first-hand experience of stigma as a person from a culturally and linguistically diverse background. She knows the issues and barriers her family encountered trying to understand mental health and its associated risk factors. 

After completing her studies in Youth Work, Betty went onto complete a Cert IV in Mental Health Peer Work. The direction of her work now expands to include spirituality as she notices that there is a gap in the current mental health system that doesn’t properly acknowledge spiritual health and how conversations of this nature can lead to life changing self-discoveries for people. She loves to respond to spirituality when it is raised by consumers as a way of exploring truth and navigating meaning for people. 

Betty’s non-imposing nature invites and supports people to engage in deepening conversations around their spirituality. Her own faith includes a belief in God that enables her to be a guiding and healing presence. Her goal is to support people to the path of hope, light, life, and love in the way that is person-centred and brings empowerment. Betty welcomes people from all walks of life no matter what spirituality looks like for them. She believes that optimal wellbeing involves spiritual health as a foundation for people to renew hope in their lives or to serve as a toolkit to assist people to cope and thrive in life, whilst answering some of the big questions that are not limited to finding meaning to their existence and beyond their existence. 

Betty is excited to join SHLEAC and work to advance the role of spirituality and spiritual care in mental health services.

SHLEAC formed in June 2021 to raise awareness through leadership, education and consultation of the need, importance, and place of spiritual care in mental health care. SHLEAC will achieve this by contributing to the Victorian Mental Health Reform process via the principles of co-design and co-production. As the host organisation, Spiritual Health Association welcomes the expertise and guidance from the advisory committee members.