2023 – That’s a Wrap!

2023 – The Year in Review

Thank you for being a part of our mission to promote spiritual care in the healthcare sector. Here are some of our highlights from the year that showcase our commitment to advancing spiritual care and holistic well-being:

1️. The National Model for Spiritual Care in Health: We commenced the pilot phase of this pioneering project across eleven healthcare services, aiming to ensure its suitability for enhancing the patient experience and improving health outcomes in the Australian context.
2️. Live The Life You Please: Our sponsorship of this social impact campaign raised awareness across the country about person-centred palliative care and the vital role of spiritual care.
3️. Lights, Camera, Advocacy: We proudly screened ‘Live the Life You Please’ at Parliament House in Canberra and co-hosted an unforgettable event with Palliative Care Victoria at Kino Cinemas.
4️. Empowering Knowledge: We created two informative infographic posters and valuable resources on Mental Health and Spiritual Care, for Mental Health Week and International Spiritual Care Week.
5️. Spirituality & Diversity Discussions: Celebrating its 5th year in partnership with our colleagues at VTMH, in 2023, the program delivered 6 reflective practice sessions and a webinar that reached 90 mental health clinicians.
6. Committee Growth: Two new members joined the Spiritual Health Lived Experience Advisory Committee, as we continue to expand our efforts in advocacy, leadership, and education, emphasizing the importance of fully recognizing and integrating spiritual care into mental health services.
7. In-Depth Insights: Professionals from the Mental Health Network actively participated in focus group research, delving into their role and contributions to mental health recovery.
8. SCMN’s Year of Growth: It has been a positive year of great discussion and development for the Spiritual Care Management Network, with many newer managers connecting with the more experienced Managers from the network. The SCMN will meet again online next year in February for more great discussion and support for our Health Service Managers. This growth and collaboration within the network continues to drive progress in spiritual care management.
And a sneak peek into the future: 
We’re eagerly exploring new partnerships and making significant progress in the development of a fresh new membership model. Stay tuned for updates on these exciting initiatives!

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